Hi dear
          I see u like reading books. I personally wrote one and is hoping if u could check it out n leave likes n commentsas feedback for my work.

          hoping to hear from u soon n waiting for u to shower my book with ur utmost love and support.
          Stay safe


Just noticed that you are a arshi reader. Would you mind reading my arshi creations.
          A small summary of all stories in my list. Choose anyone accordion to your mood.
          1. A simple yet cute. Fight filled fun filled tears filled love series of arshi.
          Love impossible

          2. One of my famous stories in arshi. With full twists and turns in each episode filled with entertainment.
          I am not cinderella

          3. A family drama with arshi and rikara as main couple. 
          Entangled love

          4. Thrill filled twists filled fights filled a cute unique story with three famous couples. Arshi ishra shivika.
          Annoying homemade



Hiiii hope you are doing great. 
          I'm very new to wattpad and started few stories. Just trying my luck in romance, mystery etc. . Geners 
          1) Is this love? 
          2) CAN I GET YOU BACK 
          3) FORCED TO BE YOURS 
          4) REAL BEAUTY 
          Hope you like them. If so then plz support me by sharing my books to u r followers n frnds on wattpad. 
          Have great day/night 
          Thq. Enjoy reading. . . .