Namaste beautiful human/alien/potato
LOL this bio is the most organized thing in my life right now
Here is some random stuff about me that no one asked for:

- XX chromosomes
- Homo sapien
- 80% Introvert (Acc. to a BuzzFeed quiz)
68% (Acc. to ANOTHER BuzzFeed quiz)

Things I do:
- Procrastinate
- Read (I also smell books and devour them.)
- Obsessing over Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish songs.
- Watch random theoretical physics videos on YouTube
- Making up conversations in my head that will never happen irl
- Cuddling with my cat
- Rhythmic gymnastics
- "Studying"
- Writing stories and abandoning them minutes later
- Sun sign: Aries
- Favourite colour: Takes me atleast 7 hrs of intense mental debate to decide

- The earth is NOT flat.
- Racists, Chauvinists, Homophobes, Transphobes, PLEASE JUST LEAVE.

Woah you're still reading. Aww thanks for wasting your time on my profile. PM me if you wanna chat😊
Yeah I'm done rambling, so I guess you can go now and spend your time more productively by... uhhh... procrastinating here?
HAHA..haha...ha...ha .............. ha...
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