Welcome to my Wonderland.

I don't spoil the readers like a bratty baby. I only write to entertain myself, not for your guts. I despise cultish readers. Don't create a cardinal rule for me to follow. I break the old laws. I am a kind of author that hates my shallow story and useless characters.

If you don't talk to me, I don't talk to you. You will be first to talk, I will be the second. You will be the last to leave, I will be the first one to leave. Simple as that. But I'm not a snob. Do I engage a conversation with those people who don't want me as their chat friend? Nope, pretty a slice of cake.

I fucking hate cyberbullies. Keyboard warriors are fesces in virtual universe. If you entered a gladiator war with me, I will surrender for I'll gonna use my cheating ability: to see me in the supreme court. Shut your typing powers, meet me personally and I will challenge you to a battle of death. Yes, I will decapitate your mindless head. Plagiarism? Oh hello, dear.

I actually hate writing. It cures my depression but it takes me to a kaleidoscopic world where everything is insane.

Judge my stories, not my soul. Don't border your judgmental personality with the bashing one. The hellfires are waiting for you if you do this sacrilegious act.

Opinion witches are rampant in this generation. I don't need to be an angel to you and you don't need to dig the depths of my personal life. I will ask your life first if you passed my standards in terms of friendship.

I am the living goddess of hell so expect that your body will burn at the stake if you dared to threaten me.

End of the world.
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