Hiya! Just fyi- I haven't disappeared again I was just swamped with college work for the last several weeks T-T So much stress >.< I'm going to upload more of Asterisk tonight if anybody's interested, but also thanks to anybody who has followed while I've been away or to anyone who left one of the wonderful comments or messages that I've come back to :)


Oh my gosh! I’ve been trying to find Dude Looks Like A Lady for so long . I remember it being one of my favorite books and I was so freakin sad when I couldn’t find it anymore! I’m so unbelievably glad it’s back


Hello. I just wanted to let you know how much I love DLLAL. I've reread it multiple times. Im currently trying to learn how to play guitar so me and my friends can play some of the songs. I don't if youll see this but you are truly amazing


dllal was absolutely amazing. it is promoted on my profile. thanks for writing such an amazing story