"I've been having a hard time adjusting..."

Hi (oops), I'm just a random girl whos obsessed with Larry so reading fics is pretty much all I do here


1d / 1d solo / Taylor Swift / Shawn Mendes / Conan Gray (new obsession) / 5sos / Lewis Capaldi / Noah Kahan / Olivia Rodrigo / Maisie Peters / ABBA / Queen / And some more I can't think of right now

If you're homophobic kindly go away

I have a pretty bad memory and I'm not educated in basic Disney movies and I basically don't know who anyone is so sorry in advance if I don't get some references
(@mrtambourineman can prove that lmaoooo)

Some things I love: Louis Tomlinson, dogs, cats, horses (basically every animal except spiders), being able to help people, summer and warm weather, nature, the ocean, flowers, chocolate, lasagne, proper bread and not just shitty toast, asain and especially Indian food, psychology, history, English, complaining about school, chatting with friends, going on holidays, my brother who's my best friend, mamma mia, young royals, heartstopper, peaky blinders, Australia, Sweden (for some reason, don't ask me)

Things I hate: French.

@HandL2809 is a literal angel ❤️💙

Matching pfp and kind of matching bio with the one and only @lealou55 🐸

I hope you - random person from the interent - are having a good day! Im sending much love to yall <3
Oh and remember
"whatever tears you apart, don't let it break your heart" 💙
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