Everyone has a huge ass bio and I don't even know what to write...😐

I painted that picture with my friend...
The well planned white dots in the background were done by me...

@StrangelyWeird123 - MY TWIN!
@Dreamswillglow - A sweet sweet child of mine
@Hansani_890 : Brides Maid/Kim

June 11th is my day...
Andy Day!

My friend called me insensitive and weird cause I did not cry when Jack drowned in Titanic, but bawled my eyes out and blew my nose on her sleeve when Tony Stark was no more...
I think I need more tissue

Sep 16
Andy- master of theories... plz be our squad leader ]

@CADHOE #Cadhoe

Don't bother to follow if you're gonna unfollow soon after.

My Dumbhead:@Vavuwrites_03
Co-ruler of Fland:@worthlessperson101
You are NOT stealing her peasants!

Slytherin 🐉(I couldn't find the right one...)
"But we're like our symbol,the snake... Sleek,powerful and frequently misunderstood..."

I'm not boasting about my patronus being a Black swan but that's exactly what I'm doing...

Well well well...
Somebody took time to read my bio...
*proud af

@Pranjana_13 - My Daughtah
@vkook_or_vmin - My Daughtah In Law

"Idk who needs to hear this but before thanking anyone thank yourself because you were the one to pick yourself up in your lowest, to hold yourself tight when you felt the world falling apart to not stop being you. Yes you. You were the one who stood in the mirror and wiped your tears and got back again. You may not believe me but you are one of the reasons you wake up every morning, why you smile all through that pain. And if you didn't do the above it's not your fault but it's better late than never don't treat yourself like others treat. Treat yourself a kween/ King bcz you are one."
-Wise words by @boongi_5293

Oozing with pride at the long bio of hers...
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