My name is Kitsune, I'm 20 years old,
and I'm a huge fan of FMA, both the 2003 anime and Brotherhood.

I'm probably the biggest Elricest shipper around, though I do like other pairings too.. But nothing is close to the amount of love I have for the thought of Ed and Al together. <3

My fiancé is @KonekoAcceb <3
Koneko's as big of an Elricest fan as me, but also likes RoyEd (traitor!! o3o') but also writes/draws hawt Elricest for me so that makes up for it.
I function as beta-reader/spellchecker for everything Koneko writes.

I'm here to obsess my OTP so if you write Elricest I will find it and read it!
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Stories by Alphonse Elric
Sweet Desserts by Nii-san_obsessed
Sweet Desserts
EdxAl/Elricest! Ed and Al are celebrating Christmas eve, and Ed wants a quite special dessert. This was my en...
Feelings by Nii-san_obsessed
What are Al's true feelings for Ed? Ed asks himself that question. Ed thinks it would be weird if his pure Al...
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