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Hi there, I'm NightStarBlue and I'm an artist and writer. I love anime, cartoons, and books. I love Steven Universe, Undertale( including AUs, most ships, and fan art), Gravity Falls( even if it has ended), Star vs the Forces of evil, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Cuphead, One Piece, and much more.

I'm going into a more serious note here but please read it:
I'm Agender, please use they/them pronouns, I like you to use they/ them, thank you. I'm Pansexual, if you don't know any of this mean, please be feel free to ask me so you can be informed. If you harass me because of my gender or sexuality, I'll not be afraid to report you and block you. Please be respectful to me and to others. Thank you
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Daily Love (Frisk x Sans) {Slow Updates} by NightStarBlue
Daily Love (Frisk x Sans) {Slow Up...
*If you don't like Frisk x Sans, please don't waste your time here and if you just want to read my work, go r...
I Got Tagged!!!! by NightStarBlue
I Got Tagged!!!!
This where I'm putting all of the times I get tagged.