Can you please give me a date when you will finish writing the rest of the chapters from the book The Administrator


@ClaudiaEne180 or atleaat that's what it seems like.


@ClaudiaEne180 if you did not notice, it is complete, just not marked as so, shown by "Part II: Epilogue"


Hello Nerodith
          It's been a long time since I wrote to you.
          Every now and then, every few months, I check to see if you're back.
          It's probably been ... about 2-3 years since the last episode, was released.
          I understand that writing is not easy. And the world situation is only worse.
          I hope you are well and very healthy.
          But I want to tell you that no matter how long you need, I will be waiting for you.
          And if you choose not to come back, I will understand. I will be very sad about it, but I will respect your decisions.
          You and your novel mean a lot to me. More than once she helped me through a difficult period in my life. Knowing that you were there and that I was able to break away from my sad life.
          Thank you for everything.
          Galatea MIt


dayum. i need this author to write more