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" Genius, Billionaire, Playgirl, Philanthropist, Abigail Stark-Rogers, nice to meet ya! "

" Just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean you can order me around! Wait~ "

" I can do this all day... Well, until I get bored of it, but you understand. "

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Hi! I'm Abigail Lanai Stark-Rogers, but you can call me Abbey, the rest of the older Avengers call me Tater Tot. I go to Midtown High, it's the only school my dad would let me go to for some reason.

Oh, yea, my dads. My dad is the one, the only, Tony Stark. Yea, I'll give you a second to get over that. Now, my other dad is Steve Rogers. If you have an issue with that, then idk what to tell you. I just call the rest of the older Avengers my aunts and uncles.

Okay, what's some other stuff about me? Uhm, I'm 16, I'm a female human being XD, oh yea, I'm pansexual. I learned to dance-fight from Aunt Nat. I'm kinda lonely most of the time, the only person I really talk to is Ashlynn. I tend to be really shy around others, but when I'm expected to lead, I'm a totally different person. I love to read, I'm a total nerd. I really wanna be friends with Peter Parker, does he have an account on here? Idk, but he's really nice and smart and he has a really soothing voice whenever he does a presentation. He's really interested in school and I think that's amazing, and- shoot I'm ranting, sorry. Anyways, he probably won't notice me, he already has two good friends, Ned and MJ.

Hope we can be friends! I'll see ya around? Maybe?

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