Hi everyone, I'm not dead. Hahaha, you are all so silly. I honestly got swept up in life and lost my love for writing. I finished college, started my career, hated it and now i'm starting over again. Please forgive me for leaving you for such a long time. I'm not promising I won't come back but I'll try my best to finish off with what I left you all. My writing style has changed a lot, as well as my personality. I'm doing my best and I know you are all too. Let's stay safe and happy <3 -NamedL


@NamedL Heyyaa! I'm actually sad bc you haven't updated in like 5-7 years but its okay if you caught up in your new career. Hope everything goes well. I understand that you are much older now and have other things to focus on. Hell, you probably won't even see this.


@NamedL i have a question. what is a writing style?
          	  isn't writing just writing?


@NamedL The first story I read on wattpad that I can't stop re-reading is by you! Bully and His Crush


Your books are soooo good. and j want to know did you watch bl series? Like kinnporsche the series. And i want to know what is your opinion for bl? Coz I'm really love bl. It's clean my mind. Bye 
          Have a nice day


I'm sorry to post this on your profile, but hey, I don't want to miss any chance promoting good stories out to the great wattpad readers there. 
          This is of courses my story and I'm hundred percent sure that you will love this book (in case you're into strong female lead and hate to love stories) and take every characters to your home.
          Trust me, you don't want to miss it for the world and just try the first few chaps and decide for yourself whether the story worth your time.
          I'll be much obliged if you give it a try☺️