Hey guys! Finally posted a new chapter of my book! Please read the authors note at the end, it's a little different than before! Enjoy!! -NamedL


@NamedL are you okay?!? Did something bad happen?!?! Are you okay!?! Your Twitter won't open and you are one of my favourite writers. . . Please come back. . .


@NamedL Are you continuing it or are you taking a break? I won't rush you, but I'm anxious for a new chapter lmfao.


I absolutely love your book “Bully & His Crush”!!! I read it last year, then I found it again and read for a second time. This time I actually saved it to my reading list. Lol. Also, I see you like Kpop too and that’s awesome! You’ve written one of my favourite books on Wattpad AND you’re in the kpop fandom. Thx for existing haha <333


Hey! So I was reading Louis finds love and I noticed that the last update was June so have you   Abandoned that story or should I be still checking for a update?