☀︎...Where are you?
☀︎...You aren't sure.
☀︎ You do know you're hungry though...
☀︎You decide to look for something to eat in this dark place.
☀︎You turn around to find a door slightly open, with a dim light peeking through.
☀︎Clenching your stomach, you wonder if there's food in there...
☀︎You decide to open the door...
☀︎...oh. Well this is awkward.
☀︎In front of you stands a short glasses-wearing...human(?) in a hoodie, holding cheese sticks, slices of bread & cheese, Rice Krispies, & a cup of milk in their arms.
♦︎"Uh... please sit down in the name of Cheesus Christ?"
☀︎Awkwardly, you oblige, sitting on the floor...
☀︎The short dairy lover closed the fridge and set their snacks on a table, before clapping their hands together and turning to face you.
♦︎"So... hi? Um... you can get up, I have chairs, and ah... here, you're probably as hungry as I am...", They say, grabbing a Rice Krispie as they pull out a seat.
♠︎"...Thanks..?", you reply, walking to the chair before sitting down & taking the Krispie, opening the treat to satisfy a bit of your hunger.
☀︎ You finished the Rice Krispie treat quickly. You reached for another when you heard a 'PLOP!' behind you.
☀︎Curious, you turn to find a book on the floor... it's title is "Forgotten (A DustBerry fanfic)" by @Luma_Blue.
♦︎"Ah, one of the first fanfics I've ever read. It's really good, actually, so read it if you like."
☀︎You look up from the book and see the shortie eating a cheese-stick, smiling.
☀︎You closed your eyes. You were confused. Books usually don't fall onto the floor out of nowhere, nor do they end up being fanfiction.
☀︎You open your eyes, only to gasp. There was a library in front of you now.
♦︎"The Wattpad Library. Great, right?" They sighed, before looking at you.
♦︎Grinning, They ask you, "So... ready to explore?"
Name: [LOCKED]
Nicknames: Err, Bastard, Chaotic Gremlin
Pronouns: They/Them
Sexuality: Omnisexual
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When you come out to your mom as Omnisexual and plead for her to not tell anybody else because she seemed as if maybe she’d be the least discriminating about it  but she says maybe you’re just confus...
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