this message may be offensive
I am going to make this abundantly clear because apparently it isn't. I WILL NOT TOLERATE RACISM ON MY STORIES. If you feel confident enough to treat people disrespectfully by calling black men and woman the n word as a white girl and then have the nerve to tell me to "kiss [your] white ass" after being called out.....You can stop reading my stuff now. I write because I enjoy it not to have some entitled little girl come onto the stories I make with some superiority complex about what she can and can't say. I get it, freedom of speech and I cannot take that away. But I will not hold myself back from saying what I believe in. You want to say the n word, I can't stop you. But I can react. AND THIS IS MY REACTION SWEETHEARTS. BY THE WAY I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS I DO❤❤❤ AND I AM REVISING THREE MATES AS I DO THIS JUST HAD TO CLEAR SOME SHIT UP FIRST. 


Hear hear ❤️ you are completely right.


Hey....the book was amazing
          Am really waiting for its sequel...hoping that u would release it soon
          And old continue writing such fabulous books


Please update the 3 mates story I'm inlove and this story just so happends to be in my top 3 books and ive head atleast 40


Hi i. Really like ur 3 mates story and i would like if ya updated but no pressure cuz ik it is hard ti update when life is busy but when you have the time maybe you can post a lil sum thing


I just discovered your Elijah ‘s Obsession and I’m obsessed!  Love, love your take on Elijah and your OC and I hope you find your way back to the story !
          Thank you 


Would you be updating the Mikaelson's aphrodisiac soon !? I love Eden so much !! She is perfectly flawed !! Eagerly awaiting to read more of her.