Sorry, I’m slowly writing things again. I’m going through a heartbreak now, it’s so painful but I’ll do better. 


@MyKnight_V  i'm truly upset that you're going through so much, honestly i just want you to be happy and be fully recovered that's one of my wishes for you. please take you're time you need it, i just want you to know that we care for you.


@MyKnight_V no need to hurry take your time 


@MyKnight_V omg ...we missed you ..... I literally felt like crying when I heard about you ....hope you're doing better 


I really love ur books , I can even eat, sleep, even work etc.. without reading ur books. Please recover all that has been deleted. Ur really my inspiration. Ily <3
          Btw.. how can u even think like this "I Am A Man" the story which makes me feel in love with. I really hope u re-upload ur amazing stories <3


@guccigrl27 ooo yass i couldnt recall from the title---that was a  great one i mean all her books are 10/10 shee delivers everytime cant recall not liking any of her books....hopefully we will get more awesome ones in the future too....tnx for replying have a grt time <333


 yeah, guccigrl27 your right!


@pissyrmom there is one where tae is the lead. Yn goes into a mens only college dressed as a male to see if her bf is cheating on her or not. And tae is her roommate and then they fall in luv. I think thats the plot


Thank you so much for coming back
          I have literally stopped using wattpad after you deleted your books 
          I have tried reading books from other authors but they were not good to be honest they looked like cringe stuff written by some teenagers whose main motto is to make jk or tae end up with y/n even if it means forgiving the cheating and abusive kinda relationship 
          Your books are amazing and have great plot 
          Thank you so much love for coming back♥️♥️ 
          We missed you 
          Everyone was waiting for you and praying for your health hope you are fine
          You are an amazing author no doubt in that
          Take your own time uploading you are back thats enough for us
          Just focus on the people who has been waiting and praying for you not the ones who are just jealous of your writing style and keep on promoting their books in your page because they know that they cant be you
          Fifty shades of marriage 
          Killer bunny 
          And pretty noona were so far my fav ♥️♥️
          Hope you upload them soon
          Love you


Jungkook's new single "3D" featuring jack Harlow out on September 29!!!! please spread the word


@jinsus_is_watching Through every social, Just in case someone is not aware


@koookiessssss77 Are you really spreading it thru Wattpad?


Can someone pls tell why she deleted all her stories? Ik she wrote a message a few months back but its hard to find it coz of the one thousand welcome back messages


@CHEONMONEYKOOK plus she was not in the right mind space mentally n physically