Hi I'm guessing you probably clicked on this by accident and your finger is ready to push the x.. But wait right there!  Keep reading you might not regret it... Hopefully. 
I'm not going to list my interests like everyone else because I can probably write a whole book on that. *ba dum tssss* and I did! It's called indecisive mess so if you wanna check that out please do.
At the moment I really like writing my thoughts so out of all my books down there pls check out 'Wow that was deep ' . If you were going to :))
Let your creative juices flow
Ha where's it at though?
It's ya boi bringing you rhymes
I hide behind my rhymes
Just being me makes people flee
My style: cringe +grunge = gringe
Yes sounds like fringe but I have that also so it's okay
Too cool for school? More like....too fool for school am I right? Uhhhh i hate myself
Something about me: I say haha in text a lot to keep the conversation light because I'm awkward haha
I'm the pro in procrastination... I'm kidding I'm not good at anything.... Oh I had forgot to finish this
Aesthetic rhymes with pathetic
Coincidence??? I think not
So thats why i try to make one with my profile
You know kill two birds with one stone sorta thing
Phil would hate me because mostly everything that comes out of my mouth is cheesy ;))
I'm the type of person that takes pintrest quotes wAy too to heart and if that doesn't say much about me idk what does tbh
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Poison • Phanfic
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Indecisive mess  by Muzakon
Indecisive mess
Hey this is going to be a book of just tags ...random thoughts...rantz ....bantz and all that jazz So if you...
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