Books + Ice cream + Cartwheels + Badmintion + Sleep + Friends = My life
Other random facts:
*15 (18 now, but too lazy to change this)
*South African/Filipina
Anyway... I'm currently reading God-knows-how-many books and writing 5:
- The Third Dream
- The Novel Interviews
- Just Another Air-headed Bimbo
- Being Naomi
- Via Magic
All of which I didn't post on Wattpad :3 I'm going to try to start as soon as possible which, trust me, isn't any time soon. I'm worse than my sister at updating. :)

My amazingly annoying older sister who was just mentioned: @kitkattish ;)

Stay awesome , who ever is reading this. Also, talk to me. I am weird and I would appreciate knowing that I'm not the only weird one out there.


But seriously
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