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Hello fellow human,

Well I hoe-p

I mean, there can be an alien reading this, you never know, aliens can be civilized book-loving creatures who love to stalk people as much as you do.

So, facts about me

I love puns. To the point where it doesn't even make cents, its weed really, I cant yelp it, its in me to tell a a yolk, even if it doesn't crack you up, sometimes its not even eggceptable. Sometimes it ruins the mood, making the mood from a sunny side to a sad moon.


My name is-

*potato bites my leg*


Srsly potato?

Potato: *grins sheepishly*

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right, about my age, well my age is-

*bread slice smiles creepily at me *

Me: what are you looking at?

Bread slice: ...

Me: ugh, you never answer me...

I hate her, there always uncomfortable slice-ence between her and I.


Wait a sec


Bob: uh hi... *scratches toe nervously*

Me: don't be shy, I will go for a second, keep them entertained, will you?

Bob: uh okay...

Me: *walks out*

Bob: so, Im planning on a murder on that stupid b**** and she doesn't even know it, I have this knife in my bra and one up my as-

Me: *walks back in* you had fun?

Bob: uh yeah....*scratches toe nervously again* can I go now? *He smiles shyly*

Me: *smiles* *pats him on head*here is a treat, you can go now bye!!!

Me: isn't he just adorable?

Anyways, I hope you don't like-whatever this is- because if you do, there something seriously wrong with you.

Good bye my stalkers!

(Also, yes I changed my name to lillian linton, got a problem?)


I said bye.

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