Been writing again recently!!! Finally motivated a bit more!!!

Facts About Me:

1) I'm Asian
2) LOVE kpop
3) A.R.M.Y for life
4) LOVE Running Man (seen every episode at least twice!)
5) Biases: V bts, Chen exo, Tiffany snsd, Seulgi red velvet, Wooshin up10tion, (Unknown) sf9, Kino pentagon, Rocky astro, Mark nct, Jackson got7, SinB gfriend, Onew shinee, Ken vixx, Hoshi seventeen, Inseong knk, etc....
6) Black, White, Blue, Coral
7) I love the arts (Art, Music, Singing, Dancing, Acting!!!)
8) I dream to become a kpop idol not just because I'm in the kpop phase. I really love performing!!
9) Kdrama is my biggest hobby!!! (Strong Women rn)
10) I eat a lot like a lot but I'm surprised I'm not overweight (When i say a lot I mean like 1-3 cups of rice per meal - 3 meals a day)
11) For an Asian I have big eyes (As people tell me)
12) I HATE compliments sooo much
13) I secretly act scenarios I make in my room 😅
14) I'm a freshman in highschool
15) I don't like makeup a lot
16) My personality is tom boy-ish but a lot of people think I'm cute...i don't see it
17) I love food (Sushi!!!!!)
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