Firstly lemme start off by saying Fukk ya chicken strips. 

Not-so-interestingly interesting facts:

★ Name: composed of letters in the alphabet.

★ Gender:...does this even exist??

★ Age: between 1 & 100

★ Height: taller than what you think, yet shorter than what you thought

- I eat from both sides of a hot pocket

- I put the I in team

- I sleep with my socks on

- Superman is better than Batman

- I'd rather catch a cold than catch feelings

- I'm the kid who my parents told me they didn't want me hanging around

- If *insert irresponsible friend's name here* tells m to jUmP oFf a bRidGE I'ma do that shit

- I'm actually dead but the outside of me refuses to acknowledge that

- Kpop has ruined me

Things to remember:

- Life's too fucking short; live every day like ur last

- Closed mouths don't get fed; speak ur mind baby

- You're a god damn superhero... well, mine anyway

- Looks fade, SAVAGENESS is forever

- You were made to be a Gucci you, not a Walmart them.


I don't give a damn if you're a Victorious secret or Calvin Klein model I'ma always choose food over everything bro, believe dat

Whenever you feel like ur having a bad day, just know that once upon a time my cupcake fell on the floor and I drenched it in water to clean it off... And yes it was the last one.

JACKSON WANG has my whole broken un-beating heart. <3

Stay humble my friends

(This is a long ass 'iforgotwhatitscalleddontdragme' but now that it's over I think I'm kinda gonna miss you.......SIKE tf I AM LEGITNESS!)

★see you on the flip side★
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