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Welp, my little lovelies....I NEED SLEEP!
          	I haven't been able to sleep, so I'm gonna just take a swig of Nyquil and pass out-
          	Let's hope I don't have a fucking dirty ass dream like last night.
          	I woke up, sweating and questioning my sanity-
          	ANYWAYYYYYYY-  I luv y'all and Ethan will be here with us tomorrow. Thank you everyone who celebrated my birthday with me today and to the people who are spoiling me all week, it means alot. Y'all are true, kind hearted people and I'm thankful for your generosity. This is why I always find my way back to smiling and just having a good time. I'm proud to call each of you my family and I hope my gift tomorrow will show it. Night and Never stop loving who you are.  ᏊᵕꈊᵕᏊ


@MoonehKnight_18 We love you Moon uwu. Im so glad that you are having a nice birthday week :3.


@MoonehKnight_18 goodnight Moon! Have a great sleep :D


Aight people. For those who don't know, Moon is back on Kik. But I'd take this chance now. You never know when she'll disappear for something again.


Alright. For those who have tried messaging Moon and all that on Kik, I have something to say about that. The last I talked to her was a few weeks ago.
          She is doing well, but the problem is, she has no phone. She was using Ethan's for the messaging, but then disappeared after that.
          She is doing her best to come back here and will hopefully have a new phone soon so that she may be able to interact with everyone here again.
          All I can say is be patient. This may be a long wait, but this isn't the first time she has been gone this long.
          I ask that you all be patient and wait for your friend or whoever she is to you's return.


@CharlieTheNekoSaiyan no problem man. Just thought I'd let you guys know


@ThatWeirdKidXavier I see thank you for this update I myself have nothing other than wattpad and discord and have been in the dark with worry thank you 


Wow. It’s been a while lol. I didn’t realize it was already two months since we last talked, since you were on. I hope everything’s alright with you. Please stay safe, for those of you that are still messaging her on her board or private. Please stop. I know it’s hard but Xavier gave you her kik. If you really are desperate to talk to her, go there. Anyways, if you see this, have a good night.


Alright people. For those that follow this amazing woman, if you want to talk to her, here is her kik.
          Kik: xXMooneh_KnightXx


@ThatWeirdKidXavier I'm not even worried I know that she would be fine also there no way she said that was ok for u to say


@-_getting-better-_ the person who owns this account said it was okay. 


@ThatWeirdKidXavier I don't think this is necessary