Wow I wish I realized I could use this sooner. Alright, so @appelpi can't write First Mate at this point in time. Too much going on in life and whatnot. Why is it that pretty much all artists are gay and sad? (myself included lmao) [and if you're wondering, yes, I am referencing a meme, but hey it's been true in my experiences ]. 
          	    Anyway, I'm still looking for someone to continue the fic. I didn't want to exclude anyone that wants to do this for me, so I decided to post this. All those interested should get back to me by December 10th, and I'll make my final decision as soon as I can. Please don't be upset if you aren't picked, this isn't supposed to be a competition. I'm not trying to put anyone down! ;-; you're all beautiful and I appreciate every one of my followers!!! 


@Moonchild3701 freaking me I’ll write the story but I can’t drAw for shiz