"ωε ∂ση'т мαкε мιsтαкεs, נυsт нαρρү ℓιттℓε αccι∂εηтs."  ― вσв яσss

Ello! I'm Moon_Cloud, but you can call me Moon or Mooneh (also I'm known as Narwhal Mum <3). I'm just an awkward 16 year old who likes to draw and scream about fandoms.

Here's the Basics About Me

•I'm a Christian

•I love any books about fantasy or animals. Some of my favorites are Harry Potter, Wings or Fire, Warriors, The Inheritance Cycle, and Lord of the Rings. And there's many more beyond those!

•My favorite TV shows are The Flash, Stranger Things, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, and the Big Bang Theory.

•My favorite bands are Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots.

※I might have an obsession with cats, or pretty much all animals in general. I have uhhh, let's just say a lot of cats, and one very floof dog :> I love them very much ahhhhh

※I'm an artist and I've been drawing most of my life. My favorite mediums are digital, watercolor, and coloring pencil. I'd greatly appreciate it you check out my art books, even if the first ones can be pretty cringey hehe

Art Status:
Commissions - Closed
Art Trades - Closed
Collabs - Closed
Requests - Typically, I don't do requests


I think that's pretty much all! At least that's all I can remember. I'm not going to list any friends, you guys know who you are! <3

Remember, go hug a cat (actually BAD idea)!

Wait, I don't think I have enough quotes from Bob Ross...

"тalenт ιѕ a pυrѕυed ιnтereѕт. anyтнιng тнaт yoυ're wιllιng тo pracтιce, yoυ can do." ― вoв roѕѕ
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