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Sister: XxSayuri_HanajimexX
Friends irl:same people
Current status:single pringle
Personality:kinda like hidan,Kakuzu's cheap side,itachi's emo side deidara's atristy side and tobi's sweet tooth combined and here comes mama Mirror's personality. In short im alot like Hellbent. Just a little more sane and kinder.

In need of:Holographic nail polish. (Please im a holosexual and is really desprate of finding it. Even just a topcoat i need it!)
Sexuality:MOTHA FUCKING H💿L💿SEXUAL! And im straight. But ill still date you if your a girl~
Fav food:human blood*cough*i mean burger and fries
Fav color:red,purple and black
Like:people i love,blood and Yaoi
Hate:Jerks and fangirls
Dream:to obtain every. Single. H💿L💿 items and to taste tea

A huge straight,yaoi and yuri shipper. #SasuNaru #ShikaTema #SakuIno. Im a sassy girl that does not give a shit about you unless your my friend/loved one or someone i look ul to or like. I will also would not give to fucks if you hurt my friends and family. I will slowly hurt you mentally even if its just a message. Ill kill you inside.

Dont be shy and talk to me if you need someone to talk to or someone to listen ok???
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Naruto one-shot book
Naruto charactersxreader/O.C. book. ~request's are open~
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