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I so LOVE Her Cruel Mate and Her Cursed Mate! The first book was so amazing but I love the 2nd book the most. Congratulations and good job for writing great books


Hey MissieA. I not even sure this will be seen by you bc you not as active on Wattpad anymore, but I couldn't be bothered and had to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR TWO BOOKS "Her Cruel Mate" & "Her Cursed Mate". I finished both in a day, and the last book had me in tears, like ugly crying lol. You are an amazing writer, I felt every thing as if I was living it, it's crazy. I just want to say you are an AMAZING author, you have a beautiful talent, and I'm honored to have come across your books and experience your talent, I'm sorry I'm rambling, I was just really touched by your books. I wish you all the success and thank you 


Just finished reading her cruel mate (loved it) now just waiting for some spare time to delve into her cursed mate, if someone wants to babysit so I can get a little quiet time it would be much appreciated 


I thought ur book bad boys love was complete and now regret reading it in a week cause u left it with a cliffhanger only to see u haven’t wrote init for a whole year I really wish u would finish it . Your book is amazing and deserve a good ending.


Is there going to be another sequel to HER CURSED MATE?? csause it is very interesting and I want to know what happens next to Annabelle and Thedeus 


Wtf!!!! Was Thaddeus and Annabelle's baby a boy or a girl???? What about beta Jay and Natalia's baby???? Please answer me this!!!!