Um...this is a third trial. Hope it works.
          	Here's an award


So I just finished my second book and I want to thank all readers and followers who read my books.
          You guys are the best.
          My first book; The Guy She Never Met has always been my great creation and I still have a hard time believing that the reads are reaching up for almost HALF A MILLION now. It is a fun filled, typical boss-assistant story with a twist of recent technology. 
          Ew, I am going with the big words. 
          My second book; His Bitter Cupcake is romance novel which deals about a woman having a great trouble in moving on from her drastic past but eventually falls in love again. It also deals with mental health issues but what's a book with a twist of humor?
          It has been an immense pleasure in writing these stories and I will soon come up with another one but till then, I am taking a small break from writing. 
          I will always be there for a simple chat and to read books though.


@Miss_whts_her_name congrats dear 
            N I love your both books 
            Keep it up


@Miss_whts_her_name Atta girl! Congrats! Half a million is a huge milestone :)


          I already did the review of your book and posted it.  Go check it out. 
          Thanks in advance. 


OMG I really really love the guy she never met. Funny, hilarious, romantic, sweet and makes me smile like a crazy girl reading it. You do an awesome job miss ❤️❤️❤️


Hi there! I just posted a new chapter of my first story on my wattpad. I hope you can check it out! Please comment and give a feedback and tell me how I can improve my writings because it will surely motivate me. dont forget to vote too! have a nice day! xoxo


Hey!! I just published my first book "The Tale of the Lorraine Sisters" I would love for you to check it out in your free time. Don't forget to vote and comment what you think. I hope you like it!! ❤️