HEADS UP: I am NOT always active and due to personal life, I am not on often. I will respond to people and pms when I have the chance

Roleplay Characters:

Roleplay character 1:
Name: Sophie Katheryn Mikaelson
Single ship
TAKEN by Daddy (@TheOfficialPitbull ) and MommySaphieBear (@TheSquigglyRainbow )

Roleplay Character 2:
Name: Amber Crystal Johnson

Roleplay Character 3:
Name: Kendra Maybell Smith

Roleplay Character 4:
Name: Callie Opal Graham

Roleplay Charter 5:
Name: Madeline (Maddie) Kate Griffin

Roleplay Character 6:
Name: Valentina (Val) Harper Wilson

Roleplay character 7:
Name: Colette (Coco) Nova Miller

Roleplay Character 8:
Name: Juniper (June) Rose Abner

Roleplay Character 9 (And yes, it is Valentina's cat turned into a character):
Name: Muffin

Will make more ocs if need be

==Results from bdsmtest.org==

100% Pet
100% Brat
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Boy/Girl
99% Rope Bunny
99% Slave
99% Submissive
99% Ageplayer
95% Degradee
94% Vanilla
88% Masochist
64% Experimentalist
60% Exhibitionist
57% Voyeur
40% non monogamist
33% Owner
19% Daddy/Mommy
1% Primal (Hunter)
1% Brat Tamer
1% Switch
0% Rigger
0% Dominant
0% Degrader
0% Master/Mistress
0% Sadist

ADMIN Little Section:
Little me secion and mood n stuffs



Online status:

No matter online status (because I don't always put it to the right one), feel free to message

Taken: @TheTrueMacca
Loves animals, Tvd, Spn, music
Personality: Talkative, kind, caring, easily stressed, weird, depends on mood

I love to easy but when I get hurt, it lasts.
Mood changes pretty quickly.
I love to rp.

Old account: @BellaMarieSwan1
Shared account: @RomanderSides

SUPER special people (rn, only ones that have an account... And can't name everyone)

@Purblecat - Istg if you hurt him, I will end your soul. He is my protecter and my favorite Dad (sorry other dad(s)) And I love him so much!
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