I'm May. I love to read and write. I was on the site before and made some cool friends but I deleted my account because I never thought I'd write again after some bad things happened.

Long story short I am back on and created a new account because quarantine made me do self-reflecting and made me realize that even though bad things happen and you don't wanna live, you can still go on and should do as much of the stuff you want to do before you die as you can.

So, I am back, I want to write while I'm still alive, and I'm going to do so.

If you remember me from before when I was writing Playing the Playboy, please do not hesitate to say hi! I'm going to try and find the authors I loved so much before so I can finish reading their work.

PTPB will not be re-uploaded because the computer I had everything saved on crashed and died so nothing on there exists anymore.

Also! I am Bisexual! I will be writing and reading all sorts of books, including beautiful works about boys falling in love!

If you cannot handle it and are homophobic, transphobic and any type of offensive, stupid, racist, ignorant and stupid person, just leave my page. You aren't welcome because all I'm trying to do is spread love and support, but if you fall under any of these categories you get NONE.

Ily bye
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