Hi I'm the weirdest kirbaku shipper, i have a obsession 👌 deal whit it  🗡😁🔪

K so here to add stuff

Hello! You can call me Maryi my pronouns are she/they preferably they/them, Only close friends can call me crocs! I am 13! my fav color is red! I'm part of the lgbtq+ community i am a panromantic Demisexual!

Fandoms im in:
My hero academia
Fnaf(kinda i don't now much)
Resident evil(don't know if this is a fandom but yeah)
Toilet bound hanako kun
Meta runner
The future dairy
Darling in the franxx

Ships that i stan/love/hate/dislike/like
Denki x shinso(i don't know the ship name)(stan)
Uraraka x tsu(like)
Any teacher x any student(No BURN.IT.NOW. anyways hate)
Bakugou x mineta(if you ship this i have lost all faint in you but anyways hate)

Im only going to put those or i will ran out of space i respect any ships just don't rub on me the ones i hate please i might attack you-

Speaking of which follow an AMAZING friend of mine here is her @! @Bo_the_sad_bug

My native launguage is Spanish so dont expect my grammar to be FANTASTIC i learned english by cartoons english class didint teach me anything but things i alredy now even now im in7th grade and now EVERYTHING they dont teach you the diffrence in your and you're my school is shit- anyways enough about my grammar

I am a MASSIVE simp for kiri so you will hear me talking about him A LOT-

Also if you follow me you are automatically my friend :D
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Mari_11037 Mari_11037 Mar 26, 2021 09:58PM
Ok so im unpublished my story "her promise" until I finish editing chapter 1, 2 and 3! So yeah just In case you wanna know-
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