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Stories to work on (in order of update days): (++ = main focus)
Rose Gold 🌹 (Light novel) (Sundays)
Innocent Rosé ++ (Tuesdays)
It's only a phase, isn't it? (Wednesdays)
Kicking it up (Thursdays)
Imagine ++ (Fridays)
Petrified (Saturdays)

I am also known on:
Youtube as: Minori McKinney (and 5 more)
Twitter as: MxMinoriSama, TSMMObjectShow
Wattpad as: Oi, dummy, aren't you on it right now..? (Formerly known as LpsMiststarCat105 and ZillyofMistClan)
deviantART as: G3T-ZILLYF1ED, Zilly-awesome- Adopts
Patreon as: G3T_ZILLYF1ED (support my works!)
Discord as: Minori McKinney � #5768

- CLASS OF 2020 -

HELLO, READERS! My name is Minori. Welcome to my page. Follow me now to become a part of this fanbase, The Minorities!

I'm currently a high school graduate, as of June 2020! As of 2019, I'm undergoing a name change, fitting my non-binary identity, please refer to me as Minori from now on (and address me with they/them pronouns) if you knew me before as Marcie. However, my books will still have the Marcie McKinney author name. I'm 18, and from Massachusetts. My birthday is October 26th. Aside from writing, my passion lies in art and music! I draw cats/anime for a living and I'm practicing my animation skills. I once went to a technical school to refine my craft. I also sang as a tenor/alto in chorus. Other than that, I have three adorable (yet sometimes annoying) cats!

I hope you all enjoy my novels! ♥️ Thanks for the support!
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MarcieMinoriMcKinney MarcieMinoriMcKinney Aug 16, 2020 03:07AM
Hello, Minorities. It has been quite some time, yes? But after 2 months of completely leaving you be... I’m back. I will give you a brief update on what’s been going on.I’ve been busy with college p...
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Stories by ♥️ Minori McKinney ♥️
Innocent Rosé | 18+ | +MAIN FOCUS+ by MarcieMinoriMcKinney
Innocent Rosé | 18+ | +MAIN FOCUS+
(COVER IS A PLACEHOLDER) Kieran Cabrera is not the nicest guy in town. The people around him have given him a...
Imagine +MAIN FOCUS+ by MarcieMinoriMcKinney
Imagine +MAIN FOCUS+
Being something other than your true self... Can you imagine? Zilly, Marcie, Dennis, Kandice, and Uranus are...
It's only a phase, isn't it? | 18+ | +MAIN FOCUS+ by MarcieMinoriMcKinney
It's only a phase, isn't it? | 18+...
(COVER DESIGN IS TEMPORARY) When Julianna's relatives visit for the first time in years, their butlers, Kace...
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