in your wanderings, you would come across a thick forest, mostly of coniferous trees. The air, for quite a while now had begun to get colder, more frigid, and the father you went, the colder it got. The trees were coated in thick lalyers of snow and some branches had enough, that every once In a while you wpuld come across one bending low enpugh to release the snow before flicking back up once again. the snow that littered the ground was by now knee deep, and the sky rather dull with could cover. 
Trekking on in for a little bit longer would soon bring you into a small clearing on the edge of a mountain, in the center was a lake, thickly frozen over and then lined with thick snow. The air here was windier, and bit more than the air when back behind the cover of the trees.
You might notice, just off to your side was a small red fox curled up at the base of a tree. She was slightly odd looking in the way thay she possessed four tails on her hindquarters compared to the typical one any fox would have. She was a Kitsune; a fox widely known in japanese lore, who grows a new tail every one hundred years.
She was rather small, and, woth the way she was laying and the way the snow covered her somewhat, even with her thick fur, she appeared to be somewhat cold.
This fox was Mamori, a rather well known, extremely friendly, however fairly lonely Kitsune.

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And so Dusk had come. The sky was littered with different colors,  the darkness of night quickly encroaching. The small fox was ready to go, her peacock green dress was folded as small as it could ge...
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