2k reads, wow.
          	I write a chapter or more everyday so it means so much that you guys are reading& enjoying. Thanks for the love ❤️


@MalisaRay9 your book deserves that love :)


Hey love,
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Hi dear... 
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Man your writings are just insane. I'm loving them and looking forward. Would also like to invite you specially to check my works. 
          Lots of love 
          Stay safe 
          You are wonderful 
          You are unique ❤✌


Hi qts! ❤️
          My profile pic is me but might switch up to a new selfie ;)
          But I just wanted to say thank you so much for the 1.5k reads- all of the comments & love is just amazing. Y’all falling in love (or hate) with the characters is a huge part of the journey. 
          Hope you guys are having a great day! PM me if I’m lagging with your book (I know I get busy so just remind me!) or if you just want to talk. Much love xo 


@angstyherondale612 omg so sweet, thank you boo!! ❤️