Hello, Little Mages! My name is MajorMagicalMage, and I really like watching anime, reading manga, writing fanfictions, cosplaying, and drawing fanart! I'm a Level 14 Sagittarius.

Current Fandom I'm in:

Also Love My Hero Academia and Princess Tutu

I'm always open to requests and feedback on my stories, so please don't hesitate to share! Also, don't hesitate to ask me to give you feedback on your stories!

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Account: MissMage52
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Account: majormagicalmage
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I am a Ravenclaw! RAVENCLAW PRIDE!!!
I am TodoDeku's Secret Love Child and Fakir and Ahiru's Secret Love Child, both are my aesthetic
I'm a Kokichi kinnie, fight me.

My Daughter: @ScarletStar1223
My Son: @Lunar-Eclips

A Heart As Strong As Yours {Shoto Todoroki x Reader}
- Completed

Dreaming of a Liar (Kokichi Ouma x Reader)
- Ongoing

Remembering Your Promise {KaiMaki}
- Ongoing

I will try my best alternating between my two books with uploading!

Danganronpa Kins:
- Kokichi Ouma
- Kaede Akamatsu
- Maki Harukawa

Danganronpa Characters I Simp For:
- Kaito Momota
- Rantaro Amami
- K1-B0
- Makoto Naegi
- Hifumi Yamada

OTP: KaiMaki (Kaito Momota x Maki Harukawa)

I am the Ultimate Mom Friend and Therapist

Stay Magical!💜
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MajorMagicalMage MajorMagicalMage Sep 28, 2020 08:12PM
Guys, I’m so sorry for not posting as much, I’ve recently had a writer’s block. But thanks to some people, I have been hit with inspiration! But I have some bad news. Dreaming of a Liar may be put o...
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Dreaming of a Liar (Kokichi Ouma x Reader) by MajorMagicalMage
Dreaming of a Liar (Kokichi Ouma x...
Is there no longer a difference between dreams and reality? You have been randomly selected by Monokuma as th...
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