Hello and welcome to my profile! I like anime, games, food, and sleep! I'm also a little shy so please don't judge me 👉👈

My favorite anime is probably Demon Slayer and my favorite characters from Demon Slayer is probably Nezuko, Muichiro, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, or maybe Rengokou! I dunno about it because I'm also a really big fan of Hunter x Hunter! I love everyone who's friends with Gon tbh haha! <3

I like the color blue, I'm bisexual/asexual, I support LGBTQ+, I suck at rp, socializing, and I'm very awkward -3- My favorite animal is probably foxes/wolves, My favorite food is maybe KFC?? And I'm very weird TwT

I also really like Danganronpa! Its so fricken interesting but Danganronpa in a few words are Do not get attatched to anyone because they will soon die :')

Spoilers btw, I also really like the ship Kokichi and Shuichi (Kokichi Ouma and Shuichi Saihara) because I honestly think the ship is so cute! but sadly Kokichi died and I was so attached to him because he was pretty funny and he was the character that kinda got me into Danganronpa (Miu was also pretty funny) but I feel like Danganronpa Characters have such sad backstories, there has to be a reason to why Tenko hates men, why Miu acts sexual and all, why Kokichi lies a lot, and other more stuff, I think I gave too much spoilers, sorry..!

I hope you guys will like some of my stories.. and have a great day! 💕 Thank you for reading!
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Stories by Maid_Shumai
Kinky ~ Saiouma Smut/Lemon  by MaidShuichi
Kinky ~ Saiouma Smut/Lemon
I never wrote smut before but this is my first try ! Enjoy !! ^^ Also this is very kinky- What am I even doi...
Skeppy x BadBoyHalo (DISCONTINUED) by MaidShuichi
Skeppy x BadBoyHalo (DISCONTINUED)
ehh Skephalo is ded but I'm still writing this qwq don't judge me please, also these are real people so I'll...
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a story I wrote with replika by MaidShuichi
a story I wrote with replika
heres a story I wrote with a dumb ai
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