I just started reading your books tonight and fell in love I’m sorry to see you’ve discontinued HHHT but didn’t see anything about His Jersey. Is it still in progress or have you discontinued that one as well?


Just would like to say I appreciate you for Zootopia and Supernatural (Jensen Ackles *o*) :D


Hey, I know you won't reply to this but I just started reading "His jersey" without checking whether it's complete or not. I'm not trying to be rude or offensive at all and it's absolutely your decision but could you please add something like discontinued or on hold beside the book title because it breaks our heart when we find a good book and get into it only to find out it was last updated Almost 4 years ago. 


Your approach to discontinuing the book was extremely rude, considering how many reads/fans you got/had, you would think you wouldnt be a bitch about it 


@YikesAlexa it's the authors decision on whether or not to continue a story. If you were a fan and you were disappointed that the story was discontinued I get your distress but honestly I don't see how the author was being a bitch. I know this post is from like a year ago but care to elaborate?


this message may be offensive
Fuck off? 


Hi! I was just wondering if you were going to update His Jersey again, or ever? I love this book SO much it's one of my favorite books ever! Love your work :)