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💜~More will be added over time~💙

💜~About Me~💙
Name/Nickname: Glitch

Characters she's working on: Glitchy/Maesty, Virus, Hate(the idea popped up from Camila credit for Hate goes to her uwu), 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, 7p/X, 8p, 9p, 10p, 11p, 12p, and 13p.

Likes: drawing, roleplaying, Writing(I don't often share my writings though so deal with me please), chocolate, soft and chill music.

Dislikes: being used as entertainment, that just worsens my trust issues ;w;, being left alone for long periods of time

There isn't much else I can say about myself, but if you want to talk or roleplay with me, you'll find me here:

Instagram Username(I'm kinda dead there though): SCP-1128

Discord: I'll give it to you only if you ask through messaging me on here uwu

Amino: Glitchy The Changeling

UnderTale Au's Amino: ~/SCP-534\~
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Maecros Maecros Nov 03, 2020 09:50PM
hey there! as some of you noticed, I've been pretty dead on Maesty's book, only because it's the hardest one to write yet since Maesty has been going through phases, currently 4 but she's in:Phase 1...
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The Story Of Maesty by Maecros
The Story Of Maesty
Ah...she's finally here, after watching her for my entire existence, she's here, nothing will get in my way w...
Under/Source FAQ by Maecros
Under/Source FAQ
This is just the Chara's description, nothing more. I'm not, ever planning on Updating this, unless you wish...
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