"Sarcasm is my only 
defense."-Stiles Stilinski.

"Niall the bad boy?? Give it a rest. Niall the church boy more like it"- Louis Tomlinson

"I definitely don't think I'm well."-Sebastian Stan

"I can do this all day"- Steve Rogers

"Dear diary,
a chipmunk asked me
my name today.
I told him it was Joe,
that lie will haunt me
forever" -Damon Salvatore

"I'm surrounded my idiots"-TVD

"We are bound forever to those
with whom we share blood.
And we may not choose our family,
That bond is our greatest
strength."-Elijah Mikaelson

"Oh for gods sake you were never
a Mikaelson,
get over it!"-Kol Mikaelson

"I have been crying for 25 years?? HOW is that possible"
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MadlyMikaelson MadlyMikaelson Jan 11, 2021 09:04PM
I just read that Sirius spent more time in Azkaban than he did knowing James...Also that Remus spent 144 full moons alone..without his best friends....Liam Payne but the Liam is silent 
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