i’m going to say this, && i hope i don’t 
          	have to say it again but 
          	can people like not copy my theme or
          	past themes ... 
          	or at least ASK to do something inspired 
          	off of it !!! if u ask me and i feel
          	comfortable with it && u give me 
          	creds, i will be fine with it 
          	but don’t go copying my themes and 
          	past themes because it’s so so so so
          	annoying, especially since i work rlly 
          	hard on them && it’s vv time consuming 
          	‼️ and i don’t want to create drama so
          	don’t try to make a huge problem outta 
          	this, i’m j saying this bc you wouldn’t like
          	if someone copied ur theme without 
          	telling u or giving creds ‼️


i understand being inspired by your themes cus they’re all so good, but like respect someone’s hard work and give them some credit ? sis drop the @ and we’ll fight em


you low key should—


( @babiezarreh ) thank you sm ): and me too. i don’t get the point of copying other ppls work like