Good evening, my name is Mysteria.

We are the creatures we've created.

I am a writer. My soul is on fire and it burns brighter than any star out in the universe.
You know, we're all poets. Everyone on Wattpad, no matter what kind of story we write, no matter if we can express what we want to say well. No matter how brutal or sad the story is. We're still poets, and, before all, we know how to use ink and paper to create a new world. And ink is our blood. That's what I think and I think that's beautiful. Our soul can't be taken, it will burn to the last day and farther. That's why we're writers.
We're stories that want to be told!

If you want to use anything of my stories ask me before you do. These stories are all written by myself.

Almost none of the photos I used belong to me. If I violated anyones rights on the photos, please tell me, I will delete them immediately.
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Stories by Lyterses Mysteria
Title? I don't know but I'll probably find one soon. by Lyterses_Mysteria
Title? I don't know but I'll proba...
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Escaping Reality (Englisch Version) by Lyterses_Mysteria
Escaping Reality (Englisch Version)
A collection of short stories.
1996 by Lyterses_Mysteria
Nachdem Spencer von seinem Vater hintergangen wurde, beschließt er im Kommissariat, wo die Leute arbeiten, di...
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