Previous account: @Bloodhound400.
Gender: Female
Loves: Fantasy books, Binge-watching, Romance, and LOTS of smut.
Dislikes: People who disrespect authors.

Favorite shows: ( I recommend) Teen Wolf, Supernatural, New Girl, Roswell New Mexico.

Favorite books: Go to my reading list I promise you they are all good.

Problems: I'm sorry guys but sometimes I get so excited about books or do into it that when I'm commenting on books I've read before I can spoil just a bit. Especially if I'm reading fan-fiction about a show or movie that I love I'll a code tally spoil the show. ( I'M SORRY! IT USUALLY JUST SLIPS OUT BEFORE I THINK! )

About me: Usually you'll be able to find me with my head buried in my books, binge watching a show, or just leaving my books to read on my phone. I love romance novels and I am especially smitten of romance with LOTS AND LOTS of smexy moments. I'm a little addicted to be honest. Comment with a 👍🏽 if you've been there. I also love anime- I know- I know- I'm a mega geek! And don't ask me why but I am SUPER into boy love. Like so into it that I squeal every time I see a gay male couple. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! One day I was just watching Supernatural and the next thing I knew I was shipping Destiel and then I was making couples out of boys and men on any show I saw as cute pair of boy friends I saw!

What I want out of Wattpad:

I usually stick to just reading great books on Wattpad but lately I've been coming up with a lot of ideas ( mostly biker romance and toxic relationship stuff cause my brains just screwed up like that ) but I have to admit I'm not a good writer so if anybody is willing to write for me while I provide ideas just hit me up.
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