"The Queen Will Never Let Her King Fall"

Hello! My name is Luna or known as YoursTruly. I will only state a few things about me because I am not all the interesting ~

- I am a Carat. Yes, I absolutely "Adore" Seventeen as much as the next Carat does. I am in the Diamond Life and I except it as a part of me.

- I guess you could say I write Fan-Fiction? I mostly write Romance and Fantasy, or Poetry! Keep out an eye for that ~

- I am a singer and a writer. I haven't really written any songs yet (or at least any that I have shared) but I am planning to travel onwards with my career and I hope I go far.

- My biggest dream is to become a singer, not for the fame or the fortune but instead to help encourage others and help everyone in a way only music can.

- I am super friendly and I will leave some accounts below that you can find me on and talk to me if you ever chose to! <3


That's basically it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! Mwauh~



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"Perhaps It Is Our Time To Meet, Will You Join Me On My Adventure?"
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