Intense homoeroticism,
light fluff and humour,
ridiculously epic fights,
and witty exchanges.

Welcome to my world of
Mature Rated, Gay Romance.

Serious issues will be warned.
No love triangles and bad endings.
I will write polyamoury someday.

That said, other fave things are
David Fincher, Edgar Wright, Tool,
Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Deftones.


Titles | Schedules

☆ Boys From The South
1. Undying Brotherhood | Completed
2. Unusual Brotherhood | Completed
3. Unaided Brotherhood | TBA

☆| Infinidrake Champions
↬ Show Me Your Fangs | Completed
↬ Devil Beneath My Feet | Saturdays
↬ When The Levee Breaks | TBA
↬ Lost In The Echo | TBA

☆| Youth of Infinidrake
↬ Crystal Teardrops | Completed
↬ False Idol | TBA
↬ Bloody Stream | TBA
↬ Graphic Nature | TBA

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Unusual Brotherhood | BxB by LucainArmand
Unusual Brotherhood | BxB
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