Name: Kristianna P.

Nicknames: K, Anna, Kristy and BabyBooBear, Panda Bear, CuteMiniMe1995
Birthday: December 4
Age: 25
Pets: 1 Spotted Leopard gecko/lizard (Max)
Relationship status: single and broken
Sexuality: bisexual

Facts about me:
-I have disabilities
-My dad isn't in the picture
-I live at home
-My job is babysitting
-Looking to have some more friends
-My family is very dysfunctional
-I am an auntie
-I do roleplay :)
-I have social media platforms. Want them, Message me. If I trust you enough, I'll give them out to you
-Want to travel to the UK and see Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland one day
-Used to be an ooa on a different account but I left that account and made my own to start fresh and write books on here. Will be adding my Roleplay characters I made from the old account to this account

😍I'm a Mom😍
❤Family means everything to me❤
🤓"Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong, You and Me"🤓
  • Writing/Reading or with my son
  • JoinedJune 28, 2020

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