We are delighted to announce the winners of the Classic Authors Jan 2018 covers contest hosted by the MultimediaDesignsClubs [MDC].
          	1) @TheTigerWriter for Little Men by @LouisaMayAlcott
          	2) @FaithMurri for Eight Cousins by @LouisaMayAlcott
          	3) @ESJohnson for Rose In Bloom by @LouisaMayAlcott
          	4) @-gozi- for Jo's Boys by @LouisaMayAlcott
          	5) @Austened for Lady Susan by @JaneAusten
          	6) @FaithMurri for Bartleby by @HermanMelville
          	7) @FaithMurri for The Lost World by @ArthurConanDoyle
          	8) @Azurina77 for Ulysses by @JamesJoyce
          	9) @SaadSohail_ for Caesar by @WilliamShakespeare
          	10) @soundthealarm for Journey to the Center of the Earth by @JulesVerne
          	Congratulations to all the winners on a job well done. All of you will be credited in the respective stories for your amazing covers.


@LouisaMayAlcott thank you! 


My dream come true... While I'm a mother of 3, finding this profile make me back to those daddy lil girl 30 years ago.... Love you...
          Now i want my daughter to read your Little Women...


I have a whole book collection of Little Women: The Trilgoy, Little Women ( Including Good Wives) Little Men & Jo's Boys that I got for Christmas from my parents.