«Basic Profile»

Name: [Classified]

Aliases: ARTA • Lord Arta

Gender: Male

Race: Human (?) [Still up for consideration]

Occupation(s): Disappointment (LV. MAX), Writer (LV. 3), Student (LV. -10), Pervert (LV. MAX)


- ??? (Said to be unspeakably ugly)

«Basic Parameters»

Physique: -100

Intelligence: 1

Laziness: 1,000

Disappointment Level: 9,000+

Weeb Powers: ∞


- Writing <Grade: F>

- Drawing: <Grade: F>

- Eating: <Grade: S+>

- Aiming: <Grade: SS+>

- Disappointing Others: <Grade: SSS+>


A loser who believes he can write. As the greatest disappointment known to mankind, he has the ability to fail at whatever he does. Plus, he's 90% sure he will forever be a virgin.

[*Notice: Alterations will be made when new information is found]
  • In my parents Basement
  • JoinedMarch 10, 2019

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