Why hello! Coming at you with a quick update just to avoid any inevitable confusion: My first name on Twitter is a lil different.
          	It feels like a very strange but long-time coming change. I love all the writing I've done under the pseudonym Lily, but lately(and by lately, I mean the past couple months) I've had doubts over whether it's the name I would want to eventually publish under professionally.
          	So, if you need to find me on twitter, you can find me as Gillian/Gilly Brooks! I pronounce it with a hard G, not a soft g, so it's Gillian as in Give or Got or Getaway, not Gillian as in a different spelling of the name Jillian. The link on my profile has been updated. I will not be changing my username here, as that just feels unnecessary.
          	This is in no way me attempting to sever myself from the works or the people I've created and met here! I'm just ready for a change and giving myself the creative freedom of working under a different name feels like a step in a good direction.
          	Honestly, in five months I could regret everything and go back to Lily, but I suppose that's just how things are. Nothing is permanent, except my affection and appreciation for you. 
          	Hope you're having a wonderful day! And if haven't already, give my Twitter a look! (For those of you who don't have Twitter, I'm hoping to open up an Instagram soon.)
          	Much love,
          	Gilly/Lily/YES I know they're similar, I wasn't going to go too wild with it, who do you think I am


I can't seem to find Professor's Goddaughter either. Is there a reason? or is it a glitch.?


@LilyBrooks I can't seem to find Professor's Goddaughter


@LilyBrooks still can't find your Twitter profile 


Hi, I finished your fanfiction-Potter and it's amazing. I love it. When I finish a book, I don't usually write to the author, but this one was an exception, because it was brilliant.♥♥
          --a random wattpad reader, sai_ara.


@LilyBrooks! I would like to congratulate you on your book ‘Potter’. It was spectacular and LITERALLY breath taking! I loved every single chapter and characters and would love to create a family/friend tree based off of your beautiful story. I would like to send it to personally, that is, if you don’t mind it. I would love a reply!
          Have a great day, month and year (and hopefully forever) ahead. ☺️
          - @Astronut-135, S.A. 


Please I couldn't find the professor's goddaughter everywhere. Can someone tell me where can i find it??


          I am only up to chapter 6 on your story and I love it! Your such an amazing writer! According to your bio you are only 12 which I think is incredible (it's still unbelievable if that bio is a few years old). 
          I want to write my own fan fictions but I dont want people to judge me because I am also working on getting a book properly published. I am planning a story that I will post on my page soon but it probably won't get many reads. XD
          I can't wait to read more of you book, and discover its plot twists and winding river of events! 
          From a fellow Wattpader,


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@lupinswise I am sure you will enjoy it❤️


@cindrella212 ooh ill be sure to check it out and thank you uwu


As a naive Harry Potter fan, who hasn't read the books yet and has only watched the movies... Your "Potter" gave me an experience I can't describe properly in mere words...
          By thinking of a character "Lily Potter", as Harry Potter's cousin, and the whole concept of time travel.. Your plot, though based on the real story, was so independent, strong and unique in its own... You introduced a character who had a story of her own.. and a great great great GREAT one at that.
          And to realize... you started it all at twelve.. Twelve, seriously! You watered and nurtured your plant for seven long years and made it such a masterpiece! 
          I feel like crying tears of joy when I see such outstanding examples of hard work and dedication... It just feels so emotional to think that someone invests precious times of her life to tell a story and take everyone out on an extraordinary adventure with her.
          HP is amazing.. JK Rowling is amazing..
          But "Potter" is simply Special!!! 
          And I can't thank you enough for it ever...
          I have lost count of how many times I've re-read it.. and I have no intention of keeping track 'cause I'm sure I'm never going to stop reading it.. It's always so fresh.. Maybe because it's Lily! Lily's story... Fresh and elegant! Forever!
          My immense respect to your dedication and hard work... And million tons of thank you for "Potter"..
          You are One in a Million! And so is your work dear! ❤️
          Keep shining.. Always! 
          Much love and admiration ❤️❤️❤️