Due to life struggles I need to put updating on hold for a little while. I will update all at once when I have  the time. 
          	Thank you for being so patient with me as always. :)


I didn’t read this until now! Take all the time you need, we’ll all be here when you get back ^^.


As someone who has repeatedly neglected themselves, don’t. Take good care of yourself! We won’t go anywhere ✌️


@Lights_Kingdom Take care of yourself and what you need!


Hey are you still writing your other stories. I really want to read them. 


Hey there! 
          Every now and then I check in to see if you've continued your hamster story and I noticed that it was taken down. I hope that you're doing okay and that your unfinished stories are not gone permanently! I would love to see them continued!
          Just know that there are still fans waiting for more if you ever wanted to post more (but don't feel pressured, real life comes first!) and don't feel too discouraged by the purposefully hurtful comments that I've seen under some of your work (they're just a**holes who have nothing better to do and you shouldn't listen to any of their lies).
          Love, a fan awaiting your return :)


I just finished readind I never knew the world was this bright and I loved it. You write very well!


Is this just me but I haven't heard anything about you these past months. Since I finished reading your book, Never Knew The World Was This Bright, and being an icon there, you seemed to regress? But I will still patiently wait for your next projects tho.


I was wondering if you have any recommendations to any bl that's similar to " I never knew the world was this bright". I have already ready "love you 59 seconds" and your story reminded me of it but in a college school way. 


Waiting for you online
            You can find it on novelupdates. 


I finished I Never Knew the World was This Bright yesterday for a day (actually I think it's only 4 or 6 hours?) despite the book being in my library for about a month now(I think? Or longer? Lol can't remember. It's because it's one of the most recommended story of my fujoshi friend that's why it's in my library). Seriously,you are SO amazing!!! My rotten heartuee is so happy with all the fluffy chappy (also don't forget those satisfying guys know what I'm talking about^_^) I can't help but let my emotions dictate me as I reached the end of the story,I literally cried despite finishing many books already. I just can't help it,you are seriously good. I wish you good luck for your other books and I wish you can also finish it. Fighting!!!:)


I loved your story and the rest seems interesting! I just had to go and follow! Thank you for bringing the stories. Work hard while having fun!
          Just an insignificant fan