**PLEASE do not put things on my message board, telling me to repost it to 15 people or so. I cannot copy/paste, so it's really annoying.**

Hi there! I'm Sophie. I'm pretty weird, and my mind is fucked up, so be forewarned with this general trigger warning.


Lesboromantic Abrosexual (please let me know if I'm using this term wrong, I don't want to offend anyone.)


Second account is @NeckCrackFreak

I follow back, with the exception of people who only speak another language (sorry) I'm not racist, but I prefer my announcements to be english

Current fandoms are Marble Hornets/Creepypasta

I've started roleplaying recently, but please dont expect me to respond right away. If I dont respond in 24 hours I'm at school/busy, I've lost my phone, I've forgotten about it, or I dont know how to respond

If you roleplay with me, this is a notice ahead of time that I am unreliable and may forget about it for hours, so I apologize for that!

Unreliable when it comes to schedules and updates, but reliable as a friend.

Is someone attacking you for no reason? Just let me know! I'll give them hell if you'd like.

My PMs are open for ranting if you'd like. Dont be embarrassed, I wont tell anyone!

If you support trump, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, pedophilia, incest, rape, bullying, zoophila, other lgbtq+ "phobia", flat earth, you can get your bitchy ass out of my account.

Fun facts:
I've dated a bush
I've scared an entire high school (on accident, when I was twelve.)
I've almost killed my brother when I was was seven (he would not get out of my room)
I do decent gore makeup
My favorite candy is reese's take 5
I do not trust people with the name Alex. Not after Marble Hornets.
I'm afraid of knives, especially when I'm not in control of them.
I hate fire.
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So y'all know 4/20 is weed dayBut did you knowIt's also Hitlers birthdayI had to look that up, it's true.Yeah you guys don't care do you-
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