Happy Friendship Day! :)


@Legend_Khan Happy friendship day!! :)) 


Hai, pagi... numpang promosi cerita karyaku ya? Judulnya (Cinta 100 Hari). Penasaran? Mampir ya? Mampir! Aku tunggu. Dan kalau suka, vote ya! Kalau mau kritik, saran? Mari-mari silahkan. Oiya satu lagi, follow ya? Follow. Atau kalau mau foll back, oke oke ayo! Ya udah deh gitu dulu, bye. Maacii...  


@FitriaYuniar Umm...sorry I don't understand Indonesian or Malay :/


"If you've had a good time playing the game, you're the winner even if you lose."
          Thanks to all the teams of ICC CWC 2019 for a wonderful tournament.
          Congratulations to England! Especially Morgan, Stokes, Archer. The cup stays home!
          Congratulations to New Zealand. Didn't miss any of their matches in the last 4 years except for the 4am ones xD. Thanks to Williamson and team. Better next time, InShaaAllah.....
          And I'll always love you, Boult. 4 years and counting xD
          Lastly thanks to our Tigers. We'll miss you, Captain :') And the day is not so far when Bangladesh will be the world champion. InShaaAllah.
           #LoveCricket #ProudToBeBangladeshi #BaagherBaccha  #NZForever #LoveYouBoult #BGSExamTomorrow (7 chapters more to go)  :')


@Legend_Khan well i was with England and if you had saw my face at last two overs and Super over you must have died because of laughing. Lmao
            But my team was defeated because of India and New-zealand so i was against them!!
             #Pakistan #Pakistanzindabad #PakArmy #PakCricket