A-----purple...dog...who lives on a planet.
That planet is called...Planet Vluffino.
In the Galaxy of...Milky Way (the candy, not the actual thing)
In the...BarbaUniverse.
In the... ----- ,,,,, my imagination...
Which...IS real!!!! Is VERY REAL!!!!
NOT made-up.
Extremely enphatically UN-fake.
You GET ME???? REAL. R-E-A-L. real.
It's really really really really really really (Okay, I'm not going to be that kid) really really really really (I might as well shut up now) really really really (THAT'S IT!!!!!!!) really really really (wait a second- In order to actually shut me up from saying 'really', I have to get out of these parenthesis! Let's go on a quest. I will go to my garage to get some tools in order to slice them up. Hold it-- I can't, for I am stuck inside these stupid parenthesis!! Oh roasted Barbadoo, I am almost out of space- 400 characters is the maximum space for parenthesis-- I'M OUT OF SPACE! Life is ove)really really (New parenthesis. *breathes in relieved state* That was terrifying. Okay, we don't have much time before this bio will end and we will be stuck saying 'really' for eternity!! You don't even know to the conclusion what I was trying to say in the first place, do you? I'm sure you could easily guess. I was trying to say, 'It's really real, for I was talking about my imagination. My imagination is rea) really really really (I exceeded the limit to parenthesis by 5 characters, that's so weird. Anyway, we only have exactly 395 characters left, I must use wisely. I will start to speak using no needed words. I need you do kind favor, I need you go to garage get my wire cutters bring back to me. Then we able to cut open parenthesis. You comprehend? Go. Shoo.) really really really (Okay, we have them now. We shall slice parenthesis. 82 characters left!!! I'm stressed. Time is running out. Push the handles tighter. And...humph! YARS!!! , ' Look at that, the parenthesi split! We're freeee!!!!!!!
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@SORRELTAIL101@PEBBLEWING@3WARRIORSFAN@GOBOOKWORMS@PLASMAKITTY906Whoops, sorry I was in CAPS LOCK :)I am starting a Warriors OC contest. The deadline is on June 31st. Good luck!!!
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