The forest was bustling with nocturnal creatures, small mice and jack rabbits mostly,  though, not far away, the mood seemed to be set by an owl as he let free a three soft hoots into the forest; signaling the start of his hunt. 

Thats when sound of a silky, smooth wolves howl filled the chilled summer evenings air as you wandered into the edge of a clearing in that lively forest; a clearing that led to a cliff not far ahead.
The call was of a lone wolves cry.

Laying at the edge, lowering her head to lay it down with her muzzle peeking off the edge, was a large, pure white, albino wolf with long, soft fur. She was completely alone and by the way her call sounded, and the way she laid there without care, she had been a lone wolf for a long time.

She didn't seem to notice the new presence in the edge of the forest, but at the same time, it was possible that she did, and rather just didn't care or wasn't reacting.
A single flick of her fluffy tail was all to be seen.
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Story by Laxiss Aria Osery